Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 between the advantages and disadvantages.


Affected by the company “Microsoft” is largely due to the steady decline witnessed in the share of browser, where the share of Internet Explorer in the global market According to the site StatCounter decreased share of the browser from 68.5% in July 2008 to 46% at the present time, so the company “Microsoft” the launch of Internet Explorer 9 In an attempt to regain market share again.

And most important characteristic of Internet Explorer 9 engine engine chaka the driest script is full and deep integration with operating system Windows 7 and easier user interface and a mechanism to speed up the fees.

In spite of that the internal characteristics of the different user interface and Internet Explorer 9 somewhat similar to the Chrome browser, and some aspects of the question that presents itself now, you will be able to Internet Explorer 9 to halt the loss of browser market share.

Advantages of this version of Internet Explorer 9 current looks smoother than the demo version, also includes support to identify geographic locations, and fees for the video through the use of Google technology to encode HTML5 features WebM. Moreover, there are many usability improvements. Now you can put the tabs in separate lines, which would facilitate the process of managing many of the tabs. There are a large number of manual features such as press a key to show the tape on the list Alt.

As for the main and the biggest changes was in terms of security and privacy. Where is the property of the protection of the trace one of the main features in Internet Explorer and This feature allows you to close some of the specific sites from tracking your activity on the Internet, which protects the user from exposure to the same ads on most sites can also be used to load the ban list to third party websites, making it easier by the use of this feature as the user can add shortcuts to the taskbar for Microsoft Windows 7 feature is installed sites is an important advantage, especially for sites that are frequently used.

Despite that support HTML5 real and significant but it is not comprehensive as it claimed, Microsoft Corp. According to a number of tests recorded the Internet Explorer browser 116 degrees compared with 207 for Safari 5.0
And 244 degrees to groves 10. It is noteworthy that the evolution of Internet Explorer very slow announced for Microsoft Internet Explorer browser since March 2010 when it was launched not as attractive because the required browsers other competition has greatly improved.

It should be noted that, although Internet Explorer 9 represents a unique experience and fun, but it is difficult to control due to the scattering of the options in all parts of the user interface some of them in the box, your options online, and some in the settings menu and some are in the year as separate to the icon service ” RSS “disappeared where you must at the outset to make the tape for this feature is visible and in spite of all these reservations, the Internet Explorer 9 represents a marked improvement over Internet Explorer 8.

It is noteworthy that Internet Explorer 9 does not work at all on Windows XP but that once the pressure on the key F-12 you can enjoy the wonderful tools for development and in general the browser Internet Explorer 9 modern browser and fast.



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